After some requests for my sharing more I decided to do just that, share more.

There is a lot going on around us.  The Middle East is still fighting.  Today a group called Hamas is fighting with Israel and a group called ISIS is, well, they’re beheading people who refuse to convert to Islam.  In the Middle East religion is taken quite seriously, not like in America where you can say you are something but then do things contrary to the religion you supposedly “follow” with no real repercussions.  In the Middle East commitment is taken very seriously. One’s actions that are contrary to the belief system are dealt with, sometimes severely.

Now, whether we agree with their methods or not they are doing what they are doing.  I’m in no way taking sides nor do I necessarily agree with how those groups in the Middle East handle their business.  However, we need to understand their position.  We all want a say in what happens around us, who our leaders are, where we’re going to live and so on.  But does God really ask our opinion or call for a vote on how things should be handled?  The short answer is NO.  He sent Jesus to show us how to be.  We claim to want to be more “Christ like” but are our actions showing off our beliefs?

When tragedies happen, either personal or on a more grand scale some always ask “Where was God?”  Well, let’s see, did anyone invite him in or pray asking his opinion?  Then where should he have been?  God is the parent we don’t always necessarily want with us but we want him to take responsibility for decisions he had no say in.  We want the freedom to do what we want, to make our own decisions but we don’t want to take the responsibility when things don’t go as we’d hoped.  We’re willing to take the credit; in fact, we want everybody to know what we did, if it turns out good.  But, what about when it doesn’t?  Then we question God?  Really?!  We allow the schools and gov facilities to remove any representation of God but we want to know why he wasn’t there.  Because, he wasn’t invited.  He doesn’t invade privacy.  If you don’t want him there or ask him to be there he’s busy somewhere else, where he’s wanted and his advice/opinion is being asked.

I mentioned the Middle East and it’s “terror groups” earlier.  I find it interesting how these groups are labeled as “terror” groups.  As most of you know I’m ex-military.  Some of the things I did, under orders, I can’t even talk about because of their classified nature.  But what I can say is that we, the U.S., isn’t as innocent as we’d like the citizens of this great country to believe we are.  I was watching Avatar last night; I’ve watched it MANY times. But a particular scene really brought that idea home for me.  The scene where Colonel Quaritch, played by Stephen Lang, is briefing the troops as they’re about to go fight the Na’vi (pronounced Nah Vee).  This scene is after the Colonel has just lead a successful mission to destroy this great tree the Na’vi view as sacred, to scare them off so they’ll move so the scientists can harvest this mineral known as unobtainium.  The Colonel refers to the native Na’vi as “blue monkeys”.  This briefing is because the Na’vi are calling all their various tribes spread out across their world to come help defend their land.  The Colonel dubs this gathering of the Na’vi a “terrorist act”.  So, we have to stop for a moment and review the situation.  The humans attacked the Na’vi in hopes of scaring them off of their Na’vi homeland and the Colonel is calling them terrorists.  Hmmm, seems to me, the humans are on a planet they were most certainly not invited to, would be the terrorists.  But we think if we want it then we have a right to it no matter what means are necessary to obtain it.  Really?!  We did the same thing to the Native Americans here in the U.S.  The white man came over here and decided it was his land and the natives will go and do as they’re told.  Really?!  I’d have probably gotten killed because I’d have done what Jake Sully did and rallied whom I could and went and drove those white bastards right back to Europe where they belonged!  Don’t come here preaching about freedom and then tell me where I can and can’t be, on MY land.

Where am I going with this?  Well most of the issues in the Middle East we have a hand in on some level.  We go over there and take sides, and cause issues in order to fulfill our self-interest, and then the natives fight amongst themselves in a power struggle, and then we come in and fight the “terrorists” in the name of “democracy”.  Maybe if we’d have stayed out of it in the first place there wouldn’t be such issues.  For example, how did we know for sure there were WMD (weapons of mass destruction) in Iraq?  Because we sold them to Saddam so he could bring balance to that region.  Then when he decided he wasn’t taking orders from us any more he’s now a terrorist.  Really?!  Yes, one of the worst kinds of terrorists, an American funded terrorist.  Israel has done similar to areas surrounding it.  This is like trying to get the honey from a bee hive, swatting at the bees and calling swarms of them terrorists when they attack us and sting us while defending their hive.  They make that honey so THEY survive the cold season, not for us.  But by god we’re entitled to it because we claimed it.

What silly logic we use to defend our erroneous decisions and positions.  I’m not making any of this up, go do your own research.  Stop listening to the propaganda and pay attention to what’s really happening.

We in America claim that God is with this country.  Really?  What evidence do we have to make such a claim?  Our righteousness?  That’s laughable, we’re anything but.  We all want a say in how are lives are lived.  God wants us to do what he’s commanded.  Do we?  MAYBE when it’s convenient, and that’s a HUGE MAYBE.  But we want his protection.

So, are we completely innocent in any of the things going on around us?  Probably not.  Should God be blame, certainly not.  What are we doing, as individuals, to correct this?  I live my life a certain way.  Some may agree with it while others disagree.  But I’m the one who will have to explain to God the why’s of my actions.  So unless you want to stand before him, with me, and help me explain, just do you.

We may not be innocent, but if we ask Him, we are forgiven.

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