You Decide

BMX FlipI once heard or read “whether you say you can or you say you can’t, your right”.  We determine what we can and can’t do by deciding.  Granted we have laws that dictate what we’re ALLOWED to do but our minds dictate what we CAN do, or are capable of doing.

Far too often we allow negative influences to discourage us.  Watching some TV today we can run across programs where people are doing outrageous things.  You have to wonder, if they didn’t try at least once, how did they discover they could do that?  The point is, in more cases than not, we limit ourselves.  It’s not that we can’t do, it’s that in a lot of cases we’ve talked ourselves out of even trying.  Someone may have told us we couldn’t do something and we believed them.  Could we have, we may never know.  Sometimes the opportunities pass us by only once.  If we miss that opportunity then we’ll have to assume whatever convinced us we couldn’t was right.  The real tragedy is that we may never try again since we’re convinced we couldn’t do it in the first place.

We’ve all experienced this.  I have on more than one occasion.  If I was convinced I could do it or it could be done, while being told I couldn’t or it couldn’t I’ve done my best to prove them wrong.  Not because I wanted them to be wrong but because that mentality stifles growth.  That and the “it can’t be done” or “you can’t do that” attitude tends to get on my nerves, but that’s a personal demon.  The point is we decide in our own minds what we can and can’t do.  Now of course we’re not going to defy the laws of physics, but most will use excuse-idus as a reason to not even try.

When it came out I watched the movie The Pursuit of Happiness with Will Smith and his son Jaden.  In the move there’s a scene where father and son are shooting some hoops and his son shares a dream he has for himself.  The character Will plays tells his son “that ain’t never gonna happen”…and then realizing what he’s done he corrects his statement and tells his son not to let anyone steal his dreams, nobody, including him.  That scene made the move for me.

Too many times in life we let those around us convince us that we can’t accomplish something.  In another scene in the movie Will’s character is riding in a cab with a stock broker attempting to figure out a Rubik’s cube.  The story is set back when the cube first came out.  The stock broker is convinced that nobody can solve this cube.  In the time it takes them to reach the stock broker’s house Will’s character solves the cube to the amazement of the stock broker.  This man’s amazement is an example of our limited thinking.  We impose these limits on ourselves by incorporating the negative feedback we get from everything around us into our way of thinking.  I’ve never been accused of thinking normal, I’ve gotten used to the odd looks when I do something unusual, even from friends and family.  But I REFUSE to believe in the impossible, some things may be highly improbable but God made the heavens and the earth so how impossible can it be?  Jesus told us we’re limited simply by our belief.

The point is we decide what we believe, good or bad.  If we believe we’re going to have a bad day then everything that happens, good or bad, can be viewed in that context.  If we wakeup not feeling well or in pain, we can decide that “its gonna be one of those days…”, and it will become one of those days.  Once we start down the path it’s easier to stay on the path than it is to get off of it.  If we don’t get on the path in the first place we have a better chance of staying off of it.

Once we make the decision to change our thinking we start to notice how dominant this attitude is in our culture and our everyday lives.  We start to see the attitude in others around us.  But change starts with each of us as individuals.  We make the decision to change and act on it.  We can’t make anyone else do anything, we don’t control them.  We only control ourselves.  Use that control to change your mind.

If we do change our mind, where can we go?  Change your thinking, take action and we’ll see.  What will you make happen today?

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